Help Your Clients get the most out of their Medicare

We leverage Proprietary Software and our Lead Generation Platform to help Medicare agents keep pace with the changing landscape of the Medicare industry.

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The industry experience of our team helps you analyze your strategy and calibrate it to the market, with a program built to generate and nourish clients, top-performing agents to identify your needs, and technology innovators to implement the platforms required to make your outreach and client communications much more effective.

We’re the link that helps you connect to potential Medicare clients, better communicate with your current ones, and meet them all where they’re already spending their time – online!

How Will Joining Forces Benefit You?

Let us introduce you to our approach to guaranteed success for our agents, the ADDER system:

We’re designed to offer our partners fast growth, with a full system to guarantee your success. Our only prerequisite is that you’re a professional eager to learn and grow with us in the Medicare insurance business!

Shift with the Market and Get Ahead of Client Acquisition

As the Medicare industry increasingly moves online and begins to offer more options, services, and capabilities on applications and platforms, the market moves with it and without delay. The average individual in the turning-65 market has lived in the world of smartphones for nearly 30 years, and recent world events have accelerated the transition to the digital landscape.

Smartphones are a convenient and accessible way for them to acquire their essential services and this group will only continue to become more tech-savvy as the technology age continues to grow into this bracket. We help you get ahead of other Medicare agencies by implementing the right technology to meet these clients there.

For younger insurance agents, you have an unmatched opportunity to strengthen your foundations with a technology landscape built to find, onboard a d support the many new clients waiting for you.

Join the Smallest Large FMO Partner

Agents that join LMS benefit from being part of a large Medicare FMO, with all the colorful resources, innovative tools, enriching conversations, and lead generation that comes with it. But it won’t feel like you work with a large company. Each of our agents remains hands-on in their work, and in training and business development, so you can have as much autonomy over your work as you want but with the scope and resources of a major business

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